Ireland Conditions/Illnesses

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AIDS West is a voluntary organisation funded by HSE West, voluntary contributions from individuals, the community and corporate bodies. Founded in 1987, we are based in Galway City, Ireland. We offer the highest quality care and support to those affected by HIV/AIDS/STIs and to those worried about their sexual health.

Alcoholics Anonymous Ireland

Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism.

Alpha One

Alpha One Foundation was established in 2001 to promote research into Alpha 1, to improve diagnosis, treatment and to improve life expectancy and life style of people with this condition.

Alzheimer Society of Ireland

The Alzheimer Society of Ireland was established in 1982 by a group of carers with the aim of providing support and services to people with dementia and their carers.

Asthma Care Ireland

A health service dedicated to providing the most effective natural therapy in the world for the treatment of asthma permanently

Asthma Society of Ireland

The purpose of the Asthma Society is to provide information, advice and reassurance to people with asthma and their families, to act as advocate / representative for them, and to promote awareness and understanding of the condition amongst the general public.

Coeliac Society of Ireland

The Coeliac Society of Ireland (CSI) is a voluntary Charity and Company Limited by guarantee based in the Carmichael Centre in Dublin 7. Since 1970, the Coeliac Society has provided information, support and awareness to Coeliacs throughout Ireland.

Cork Arc Cancer Support House

Cork Arc Cancer Support House is a voluntary organisation established to provide a confidential, holistic and supportive environment for people living with cancer and those who care for them.