Ireland Other Sports

Irish Balloon Flights

Hot Air Balloon Flights from various locations around Ireland.

Irish Climbing Online

The definitive website for Rock Climbing in Ireland.

Irish Coursing Club

Ireland has been associated with the coursing of greyhounds for generations, although the Irish Coursing Club was not formally established until 1916.

Irish Field Archery Federation

Irish Field Archery Federation. ``The Official Governing body for Field Archery in Ireland affiliated to the International``Archery Association. The IFAF is the fastest growing Field Archery body within``Ireland.

Irish Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association

The Aim of the IHPA is to promote the sport of free flying in Ireland. For the associations purpose free flying is the flying of foot launched aircraft such as hang gliders or paragliders.

Irish Mountaineering Club

Irish Mountaineering Club. The IMC has a history going back sixty years, and has over 200 members, who engage in all aspects of mountaineering and rock-climbing.

Irish National Taekwon-Do Association

The Irish National Taekwon-Do Association's aim is to teach and promote ITF Taekwon-Do as laid down by the founder of Taekwon-Do Gen. Choi Hong Hi.

Irish Open International

Welcome to the Irish Open International, the Most Prestigious Tournament in Europe, Run By Martial Artists For Martial Artists.

Irish Orienteering Page

All you ever wanted to know about Orienteering in Ireland.

Irish Parachute Club

The Irish Parachute Club offers you the opportunity to experience the modern, dynamic adventure sport of the 90's - skydiving. It is exhilarating and unlike anything you have ever before experienced.``Start the way the experts jump, by doing a Solo Jump when you jump on your own, or you can make a Tandem Skydive, where you jump attached to a highly experienced Tandem Master.