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Active Retirement Ireland

Active Retirement Ireland is a national network of over 500 local Active Retirement Associations with over 23,000 members. ARI believes that older people have the right to be full and participative members of our society. ARI combats ageism through the reality and everyday work of the self-organised local associations and the regional councils.

Belfast Forum

A public forum for discussing all aspects of Belfast life, local news, nightlife, events, activities, sports, etc.


Dedicated to keeping the memories of your loved one alive in the cloud. Remember your deceased in a unique and personal way through Memory Memorials, Death Notices, Acknowledgements, In Memoriam messages. Light a candle on CloudLyfe when you are missing someone special. We plant a tree in memory of a loved one who is being remembered through a Memory Memorial or Special Death Notice.

Missing Irish People

This website was established to help find missing Irish persons. One phone call could end the nightmare for so many. If you wish to call home, have information about a missing person, or are concerned about a missing friend or relative, click here for details on how to reach us.

Value Ireland

Value Ireland, or Rip Off Ireland, Tell everyone, or warn them. Provides Irish consumers of goods and services with an opportunity to make comment and provide reviews on purchases in Ireland, and thereby allow others reading these reviews to make more informed decisions about how to spend their money in future


A place to chat about SMS in Ireland, tips & tricks etc.