Energy Industry Ireland

Smartsol Marble Heating Systems

Stunning radiators made from natural marble and granite panels that save energy and costs by providing healthy, most comfortable and efficient radiant heat.

Solar Panels Irl

Solar panels are gathering popularity in Ireland. Solar technology is one of the best kinds of energy used at your residence. This energy is an excellent choice for heating homes among other uses in the modern home.

Standard Control Systems (SCS)

We provide the Computerised Control Systems (both Hardware and Software) which closely controls and monitors the Indoor Environment, Utilities and Energy Usage in a Building - and Industrial Installations in accordance with the pre-programmed software, the time schedules and, most importantly, the feedback received from the Temperature, Pressure, Humidity and Air Filter Sensors throughout the Building.

Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland was established as Ireland's national energy authority under the Sustainable Energy Act 2002. SEAI's mission is to play a leading role in transforming Ireland into a society based on sustainable energy structures, technologies and practices.

Tedcastles Oil Products

TOP is a dynamic Irish team with a common focus of providing its customers with a customised and personalised service throughout its nation-wide network of service stations, convenience stores, domestic home heating services, agricultural fuel distributors and aviation fuelling`` operations.


As one of Ireland's leading home heating oil and fuel card companies, we pride ourselves on efficiently distributing a quality product to our customers across Ireland.

Topaz Energy Group Limited

With over 444 stations across the country, Topaz is Ireland’s largest fuel and convenience brand. We at Topaz are committed to change for the better, where standards in service, convenience and quality, alongside our responsibility to the environment, are paramount.