Agriculture Ireland

Irish Charolais Cattle Society

The Society was established in the form of a co-operative Society in 1965 and the Irish Charolais Herd Book was subsequently set up. The Council of the Society is responsible for the - maintenance of the integrity of the Herd.

Irish Co-operative Organisation Society Ltd.

As the co-ordinating organisation for co-operatives in Ireland, ICOS provides a range of services to its member co-operatives and represents them on national and international organisations.

Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers Association

The ICMSA represents the views of farmers at Local, National and European Union levels.

Irish Farmers Association

The IFA is committed to providing its members and the general public with as much information as possible on the association, its activities and its policies.

Irish Hereford Breed Society

The Irish Hereford Society is the body responsible for the promotion and development of the Hereford breed in the Republic of Ireland.

Irish Holstein Friesian Association

The first Irish Friesian Club was formed in 1927 under the auspices of the British Friesian Cattle Society. The Irish Friesian Breeders Association was formed in 1965 with Brendan Dunleavy its first secretary and the IHFA were accorded greater autonomy with the appointment of its own Chief Executive Kevin Dillon in 1991.

Irish Limousin Cattle Society Ltd.

The first Limousin cattle, eight F series heifers, came to Ireland in 1972. The Society operates under the Friendly Society principle as a members co-operative under the rules and guidance of ICOS.

Irish Parthenaise Cattle Breed Society Ltd.

One of the oldest beef breeds in France. They originated from the west central part of France at the beginning of the century, occupying an area stretching from the borders of Brittany to the Charente basin. The Irish Parthenaise society intends through the GENEIRELAND programme with ICBF to have similar breed advancement as the French with the breed.

Irish Potato Breeders

Irish Potato Breeders is a Research and Development company, in Ireland, specialising in selecting and developing new potato varieties. This activity has been carried on since 1982. New seedlings are tried and tested in selected locations in Europe, Africa and North America and evaluated under local conditions for suitability as fresh or table potatoes and for processing into fries, crisps and as mashed potatoes.